A Visit to Versailles

Day 14 (Wednesday)

Versailles (I went to the garden but didn't actually pay to get it)
As close as I got to the inside
Wednesday was another free day, and we all went to Versailles. I had considered going to another city instead, but the people I was going to go with and I couldn’t find anything in particular that we would rather do. Marc, Karl, and I went to Versailles a little later in the morning than most other people, so by the time we got there everyone else was inside. Karl and I didn’t want to spend the money to go inside (I barely had any left), so the three of us ended up walking around the city for a little while instead.

We came to a rear entrance to the Versailles palace, but there was a locked gate. Just as we were about to leave, someone came and unlocked it for us. We weren’t sure if they always opened the gate or if we just got lucky, but we walked inside the garden and up to the back of the palace. While we were up there, we found other RSAPers in groups of threes and fours, and very soon the entire group was back together. We all had a picnic in the garden, much thanks to Megan who had picked up all the food. (She said she got a lot of weird looks carrying around 15 baguettes, and she could tell that people were talking about her because she spoke French and understood everything they were saying.) 

After our picnic, we decided to play sardines. Karl hid first, and eventually I found him and Marc sunbathing face down in a somewhat secluded area of the garden.  I joined them, and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up there were a few more people with us, and apparently I had gotten a 20 minute nap.

After coming back to Paris and our hotel I went to my room to work on my journal. I also watched some news and bought half an hour of internet to say hi to some friends and family. The group went out to dinner that night at another wonderful restaurant to celebrate our last night in France. The Tronts expressed their thanks to us for being a great group to travel with, and while we were sad it was our last night in Europe the atmosphere was still very lighthearted. We had all grown very close, and so much had happened in that short period of time that we knew we would never forget.