Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Michael Morrison, and this site is all about my experience on Virginia Tech’s Rising Sophomore Abroad Program, which took place in Europe in May, 2011. Our group was made up of 22 rising sophomore engineering students (including myself), faculty members Dr. and Mrs. Tront, as well as Ms. Nicole Sanderlin, the Director of International Affairs for the College of Engineering. The program is conducted annually through the College of Engineering, and Dr. and Mrs. Tront have been leading the trip since its beginning in 2008.

This website is for family, friends, students considering participating in the program, and anyone else interested in my experience overseas. Feel free to take a look around and contact me if you have any questions!

Note: If you click on any of the country names, you can see a slideshow of pictures with captions from that country.

The students in our group in Heidelberg, Germany

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